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Giving gifts to men is an age-old conundrum. How can you give a gift which shows love and appreciation, cherishes a shared history, and acknowledges the values that make him who he is? Gifts for Him is your solution to that conundrum.

Our vision to instil you and every wearer with a wondrous sense of pride, individuality, and classic charm was fused from our Great Uncle’s passion for antiques and our desire for unique accessories.

Today our vision has become a reality as we offer to you and people the world over unique and characterful vintage gifts, hand-crafted exclusively by British Brothers in historic Winchester, the Ancient capital of Great Britain, shipped speedily to your door.

"A Little Fun" Photo spontaneously submitted by our customer Lorne Read March 2017 - Thanks Lorne!

Alex began crafting accessories just for himself which were soon noticed by friends and colleagues who asked, where did you get that? Can you make me some? Soon realising our broad appeal, we launched at Oxford’s Gloucester Green market in June 2016 and rapidly ascended to Britain’s premier Market Places notably Covent Garden and Up Market at Brick Lane where we’ve been offered permanent residencies thanks to customer's enjoyment of the desirable, unique nature and quality of our craft enhanced by our reliable, enthusiastic, and personable manner.

"Thank you for your work, all was well received yesterday! GREAT! Have a nice week and our best wishes for your work and success!" Flo, France. March 2017

Having received enormous positive feedback from a world-wide customer base we realise that markets are just the beginning of turning our passion into a reality that we can share with the world and so we became www.giftsforhim.online

Gifts For Him is evolving at a rapid pace, perhaps our most beloved aspect of the markets is the honest feedback we gain from customers and passers-by. You presented overwhelming requests to expand our craft to unisex and women’s wear and we are proud to say that we listen and act on your feedback and have a forthcoming “Our Craft for Her” category.

Making you feel happy, appreciated and special whether you’re a customer, a gift recipient or anyone else is the most important thing in our world.

We craft and send every gift ourselves, running the entire business as brothers so you can rest assured that we are always on hand to help you from your first click on our website until the day you share your gift and beyond, we are always here for you at info@giftsforhim.online or by mobile on 07840 695 243

Thank you so much for your continued support in making our passion a reality both for us and for you.

Alex & Will, Brothers, Craftsmen & Co-Founders at Gifts For Him

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