Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links

Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links

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Share the story of historic watch makers

Every prestigious pair gives the wearer a story to behold, share and appreciate for years to come, featuring proud inscriptions, logos and details from pioneering watch companies and artisan individuals - just as a Silversmith would place a hallmark, his guarantee of history and provenance

Each features potentially unique original manufacturer's imprints including:

Movement Manufacturer: Various
Country of Origin: Typically Swiss
Count of Jewels: 15 to 23 Jewels

Please note: Your unique cuff links may vary discretely from those pictured

Subtle, refined & elegant, ideal for those with understated style, great attention to detail or smaller build

Their versatile silver colour, medium size and sleek shape makes them suitable and fascinating at any occasion

Worn or gifted for black tie, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, parties, the work place or just because (as Jim Carrey said) "The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is"...

Sparking our imagination of a bygone age, your silver watch movement cuff links are conventional yet characterful, heralding status, tradition and craftsmanship in their fine detail

True luxury with no expenses spared

In each mechanical watch movement Ruby jewelled bearings poetically represent the heart and passion of the wearer, they once reduced friction and increased the accuracy and life span of the movement

We acquire second hand, antiquated or heirloom watches and re-purpose and upcycle the component parts by hand to make every pair

Like all things of antiquity, the prestige of your cuff links will only increase with time

For matching and specific movement manufacturers please view our Rare Pairs and Golden Collection

We happily offer a 30 day no quibble returns policy just in case you or the recipient are for any reason less than ecstatic with your pair! We're sure you'll love them!

We know what makes him tick!

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer:

Please note that Gifts For Him has no official nor implied affiliation with any watch maker whose components we use.

Any lack of functional moving parts has no bearing on the quality of the original manufacturer

Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links
Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links
Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links
Oval Shape Watch Movement Cuff links